Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why did you move the stamp shows from the Mansour Center?

In mid 2020, the Mansour Center was sold. The new owners have no interest in holding meetings or trade shows. Because of this, we had to find a new venue to hold our shows. The new venue is the Home 2 Suites by Hilton located at 2168 Kingston Ct., SE, Marietta, which is just west of I-75 at the Delk Road exit.

Q: How often do you have stamp shows?

A: The SDAG holds two stamp shows each year, generally on the third weekend of May and November but they do vary occasionally due to scheduling at the venue.

Q: I have a collection that I would like to sell, can I bring it to a show?

A: Yes, if you have a collection to sell, feel free to bring it to a show and talk with the dealers. We recommend doing this on Saturday afternoon or on Sunday. Saturday mornings through midday is generally the busiest time for the dealers. They will often not have the time to look over a collection due to servicing their customers.

Q: I would like an appraisal of my collection, can you help with that?

A: An appraisal is a formal and thorough written evaluation of a collection’s value, often an IRS requirement for a donation or some other legal necessity (probate, insurance, etc.). Appraisals are time consuming and costly. Expect to pay on the order of $100 or more per hour for several hours, or even days work, plus expenses (travel, lodging, etc.). Most people do not need a true appraisal, even though that is the term they use. It is more likely that you are just wanting to find out what a collection is worth, basically a valuation or informal “appraisal”. An informal “appraisal” can often be garnered at stamp show (please wait until later in the day on Saturday, or even better, come on Sunday). Most dealers, who are not busy with customers will give you an idea of a collection’s merits and value. As with most things, your mileage will vary, so you may want to check with more than one dealer to get a range of value for the collection. Some dealers may see something in the collection that another dealer does not, which is why you will often get some varied estimates. Some dealers may provide an offer to purchase your collection if it has material they need.

Q: I have some stamps that I would like to sell/trade with another collector. Is it ok to do that?

A: No. Selling or trading to anyone other than a dealer at the show is strictly prohibited. If you are observed selling or trading with a non-dealer, you will be asked to stop and if the behavior continues, you will not be permitted to remain at the show. Each of the dealers must outlay, at a minimum $350 for a booth, generally it is on the order $400, plus they have travel costs, as well as the investment of time and money in maintaining an inventory. It is not fair to the dealers to have to compete with individuals at a venue they have to outlay a considerable amount of money to attend.

Q: I have a large assortment of postage I bought at the post office for the last 20 years. I am sure these stamps have increased considerably in value. Would dealers purchase this type of material?

A: Most modern U.S. postage, from about the 1940s onwards, has not increased in value, especially when offered in large quantities. This type of material is often referred to as bulk postage or scrap postage. Regrettably, it is usually sold by dealers at a discount of 20% or more. Some dealers will purchase bulk postage, but do not expect an offer of more than about 20-30% of the face value.